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News Recent terror attacks on Bombay, India

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    In view of the recent terror attacks on Bombay, India, what do you think will happen to the relations between India and Pakistan? Also whats do you think of the situation?

    As an inhabitant of Delhi, the general sentiment is an ever increasing sense of hostility towards Pakistan. I've had a look at videos of Pakistani media as well and their views are not seemingly conducive to a definite solution to the issue of Pakistani involvement.

    Everyone seems to be partaking in a blame game which leads nowhere and I'm afraid if the trend continues, it may eventually lead to an openly declared war between the two countries, similar to America's War on Terror. I suppose the general view is something akin to the public reaction after 9/11, as I'm sure the majority of the users on PF are American, this is a situation many of you have already gone through, and as such, your views on the issue will be highly relevant.
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    Re: Bombay

    Here is the video I was talking about, unfortunately, its in hindi/urdu with mixes of English. They also seem to think that 9/11 was a conspiracy by the American government which the Indian government has tried to copy (around 1:40). There are a lot of unsubstantiated statements and pot shots taken in this video, which was aired on national television in Pakistan, which seem to reflect more on personal opinion of the reporters than actual facts.

    Moderate elements in media of both countries are not in the forefront where this conflict is concerned and the hardliners seem to be on the frontlines in any discussion concerning these attacks. This is not something that just one side is doing, Indian media is also up in arms, and in fact, the live interview I saw on national television, one of the reporters was very aggressive with an ex-member of the Pakistani Army who served under Mussharraf. Here is the link to the video:

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    Re: Bombay

    Watching PBS tonight, it seems that India is taking the stance that the terrorists came from Pakistan and were controlled by someone in Pakistan. It might be more productive to investigate thoroughly first before issuing such statements, including the possibility that separatists from Kashmir may have been involved.
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    Re: Bombay

    i suspect it depends on how the pakistani government reacts. if they put some effort into finding the radical elements in pakistan and arrest them, then that would go a long way towards resolving tensions between the governments.

    but is also seems you have some troubles in india near the border with pakistan that are more social and cultural and you're just going to have to take control of the situation without coming across as too repressive.
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