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Recharge my batteries

  1. Sep 14, 2011 #1


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    For the last couple of years there is always a fuzzy feeling in my head. Most of my attentions span is gone. Just typing this short post took over an hour in fact while I was looking at a bunch of other web pages at the same time.

    I remembered in the final year in high school I was able to spend all my free time studying day after day. I just can't find a way to do that since I started university.

    All the plans I have made just end up with me doing nothing at all or something like staring at the first page of the textbook for like half an hour.

    It just feels like a big mess in my head, some would probably describe it as burnt out, but I'm not really sure...

    Next year, my fourth and final year of my bachelor/honour is going to be extremely important as I want to finish up with the highest grades possible (obviously) to apply for universities in the states. (at the moment I average around A-, i'm hoping to push it higher)

    In the end of this year, I will have a 2.5 month summer holidays. I plan to use it to take a break. Need to find a way to regain the focus I had in high school.

    I am thinking about doing lots and lots of running, push myself physically as hard as possible.

    Has anyone gone through similar experiences? What would be the best thing to do in this case?
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    Maybe you have ADD or some other psychological problem? If so, I can't advise you on what to do about that.

    If not, I advise you to implement a "rewards" system. Set aside very specific goals for each day and stick to them. Aferwards, reward yourself with a candy bar, a soda or a porno:approve:

    Don't attempt to spend "all" of your freetime studying. Just thinking about such a thing can make you bored and tired, even if you really enjoy what you're supposed to be learning.
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    Yes I felt it also in a semester ago, so I called it quits for that semester and took a break (now I am kind of fed up of my break, and ready to comeback to finish my courses in my masters).

    My only advice is when you feel you need a break from study (doesn't matter how long it takes) take it.

    I felt the same way you're depicting, no joy in learning, some kind of detachment from the subjects, and it damaged some of my marks, I felt that if I don't take a break I'll get lowest grades possible, so I made a conscious decision to take this break.
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    It does sound that you are a bit burnt out. Sadly, there is no easy solution for this feeling, except taking a break. Maybe you can take a lighter schedule now, or perhaps you can take a sabbatical for a few months?? You need to relax for some time before you can find new motivation.
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    ah okay, thanks for the replies

    I think after the exams finish, I will go like a whole month staying away from textbooks and academic articles and see how that goes
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