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I am trying to learn and figure our the reciprical theorem when applied to beans and the deflection on a beam when a load is applied.

The beam would be x long, say 10m and would have a weight/load applied at 5m, or dead center. There would be point A (Dead Center) point B (Half way between dead centre and end) or 1/4 beam. Load applied to A and deflection at a and b needed, and then load applied at B and deflection and A and B.

I need to create a graph with a slope of load cases to varify the theorem.

I am a little lost on this one, i know what the theorem is, but i am not sure how to apply it to beam deflection and how to create a graph.

Does anyone know any good links to learn further or some examples.

This is needed for a test in 48 hours, and i am lost on it completely, the graph part especially

Thanks for any help

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