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Reciprocating air engine

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    I am currently doing a project on reciprocating compressed air engine and would like to have explanations about the mechanical design - is it similar to a reciprocating air compressor or steam engine, that is, does it have a conventional piston-cylinder assembly, connecting rod, crankshaft?
    How different is an air motor from an internal combustion engine?
    How about the valves? Can we adapt a mushroom valve operated by cams and camshaft as used in an internal combustion engine?
    Lastly, what is the diagram factor of the hypothetical P-V diagram for air motors - is it similar to steam engine?
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    No Dear,
    Compressed-air engine is a pneumatic actuator that creates useful work by expanding compressed air. They have existed in many forms over the past two centuries, ranging in size from hand held turbines up to several hundred horsepower. Some types rely on pistons and cylinders, others use turbines. Many compressed air engines improve their performance by heating the incoming air, or the engine itself. Some took this a stage further and burned fuel in the cylinder or turbine, forming a type of internal combustion engine.
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