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Reciprocity theorem

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    What are the advantages when a circuit produces the reciprocity property?
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    It is an antenna? That could be an advantage -- or a disadvantage.
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    Isn't antenna an application of reciprocity phenomenon? What is the advantage of using a reciprocal circuit over normal circuit?
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    Not a lot, I think.

    The interweb said something about optics. I could also see there might be some use in two port networks for microwave design. Being able to plug a circuit in backwards might be nice, but isn't usually a design consideration.

    I know there was interest in a similar idea in computing. Reversible logic allows (theoretically at least) computing with no energy use.

    That's the limit of my knowledge on the subject.
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    Might be related to the design. Thank you for the info Jeff :)
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    As far as my knowledge goes, Reciprocity property is explained by the theorem. I had to give a topic name, so I mentioned reciprocity theorem. I'll rephrase it. Thank you for the link. I'll go through it :)
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