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Reciting Pi

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    This is disturbing on so many levels:
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    I did not know that memorizing something was considered a "mathematical" feat.

    I have to agree with you russ, that is quite disturbing.
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    Only 8000! there was a guy on science channel who did 22,000. Now THAT is disturbing.
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    And people think I'm nerdy because I know 50...
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    10,000??? This has to be the funniest thing I read all week
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    3.14159 thats from the top of my head heh,

    But I don't see how thats considered a "mathematical feat"?

    But still, the kid has good memory he better utilize it for something useful.
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    That depends on what compression method you use to encode the data your memorising. Some of the best techniques for memorising pi (if i remember correctly) involve a series of pseudo formulae (they only hold for a certain finite number of digits) that generate x digits of pi.

    Your then only holding the number of decimal places your at and the formula your using in memory, and speaking out the next digit in your loop ( assuming the person listening only wants them one at a time ).

    Using one of these formula you could iterate through, then switch to another...thats pretty mathematical imo.

    Im not that keen on memorising pi myself :P
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    Can't help thinking these people need to get out a little bit more, or at least do something more constructive with their abilities.
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    "May I have a large container of coffee?"

    Counting letters in each word: 3.1416926

    That's my "compression code"!
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    I once memorized 600 digits.

    I haven't recieted them in about two years, though, so I can only pull about 30 off the top of my head. It gets boring after a while...
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    Pi is exactly three!
  13. Mar 18, 2006 #12
    .....plus an arbitrary constant ;)
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    Pi... 3.1415927

    I remember it off of simpsons.

    Now i realize those jerks rounded!
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    Math Is Hard

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    How I want a drink, alcoholic of course, after dry lofty lectures outlining quantum mechanics.
  17. Mar 20, 2006 #16
    Now, I, even I, would celebrate (3.14159)
    In rhymes inept, the great (26535)
    immortal Syracusan, rivaled nevermore (8979)
    Who in his wondrous lore, passed on before (32384626)
    Left men his guidance how to circles mensurate. (4338327)

    --A.C. Orr

    This and some other pi stuff (and other cool stuff, too) can be found in 777 Mathematical Conversation Starters, by John dePillis. It only has the first 500 digits of pi listed in that book, though.
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    Now, If I could just memorize that rhyme!
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    Math Is Hard

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