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Recomend a good chemistry text

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    I prematurely sold my general chemistry textbook, now I need a new one. I'm especially interested in acid base chemistry and something that will help me understand how electrodes work.

    Can anyone recomend a readable general chem textbook? My last book was "General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts" by Chang and I found it difficult to read. At the same time I don't want something too dumbed down either.
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    Something by Mortimer; also something by Petrucci;

    Also, check almost any analytical chemistry book, although you might want to check the contents including the actual chapter pages to see if it has the topics you want, sufficiently covered; my guess is that electrochemistry would be well covered in such a book. Maybe a Skoog & West book if you find a used one?
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    If you don't mind a high/senior school level textbook, I find 'Chemistry in Context' by Hill and Holman a great text to read. The concepts are explained clearly, and it CAN go into some advanced chemistry.

    I thought Chang was OK, although it is not 'brilliant' or 'marvelous'.
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    I forgot to say I also wouldn't mind a book with lots of examples relating inorganic chemistry to biological systems
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    Yes "Chemistry Context" is very informative, i suggest that you have a look at it.
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    where could one find chemsitry in context, local libraies, college libaries, ect...? (i'm a high school student, not to many resources available)
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