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Recommend 3D CG s/w?

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    I'm sick of struggling along in Caligari Truspace 3 for making 3D stuff.

    Can anyone recommend some good 3D CG software that's not too expensive? I'm currently more interested in building creating static 3D objects than animating them.

    What's not too expensive in 3D CG s/w these days? Is a budget under $300 reasonable?
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    Can you be more specific on what kind of 3D objects? and what kind of rendering needed?

    Geometrical objects? Or more exotic?
    Wireframe? Raytracing with reflections, transparency, and other optical effects? Photo-realistic? Image Mapping?
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    Yeah. Geometrical.

    Spaceships, etc.
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    Well, I'm not looking for free.

    I've been using Truspace, so I want to go up from there. What do people use who are serious about 3D CG but can't afford the big bucks?
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    Free is just a bonus.
    In fact, it seems Blender is better than several others, including Truespace, for example.
    (google: blender truespace comparing)

    Anyway, take a look at http://wiki.cgsociety.org/index.php/Comparison_of_3d_tools . Maybe it can help.
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