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Recommend a good book

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    that covers the fundamentals of undergraduate physics.

    I have been using a book that's more than 20 years old called "PHYSICS" by Hans C. Ohanian. While using it to prepare for the GRE, I have found things on the practice exams that were not addressed in that book.

    I've been considering this one: University Physics with Modern Physics with MasteringPhysics(TM) (12th Edition) (MasteringPhysics Series) (Hardcover)
    by Hugh D. Young (Author), Roger A. Freedman (Author)

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    The books you name are freshman-level books. You need to review also from intermediate to upper level books in specific subjects such as mechanics, electricity & magnetism, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics, ...
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    For a long time I've been trying to remember the author of the physics book I used in undergrad school. The only thing I could rememebr about it was that it was black, and it seemed like a decent book.

    Well, I went to those links above and found a book by Halliday and Resnick. In the deep recesses of my cluttered up storeroom memory, a light went on when I heard the name "Halliday". I'm pretty sure that was the author's name of my undergrad physics book.

    I can remember my calculus book's author no problem. Zill.
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    What subject are you taking the GRE in?
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    I took it November 3 in physics.
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