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Recommend a new book

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    May I recommend to you my book? This is THING AND ITS LAW (ISBN 1-58939-525-5. library of congress control number 2004-100356)

    This book focuses on the general law of thing and gives an answer to what the nature of light, gravitation, inertia, electricity and magnetism is.

    The main ideas of the law are that the birth and the death of thing and its individual are a result worked by three forces on the distance or curvature of time-space. These forces are natural force, productive force and cognitive ability (force).
    There are countless things in the world. However, there has not been a book focusing its discussion on thing and its law up until the present.

    This book dedicates to you a new time-space concept, a new inertia view, a new energy idea, a new world outlook, a new grand unified theory.
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    Is this a publication by Dr. Michio Kaku? No. Does this belong here? No. Should you be banned for spamming over the last week? Definitely.
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