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Recommend a Statics Book

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    Posted in different section decided to move this post here

    I'm currently using Statics: Analysis and design of systems in equilibrium by Sherri D sheppard.

    My classmates and I want another statics book for reference. We are looking into

    Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Statics and Dynamics 7e
    Ferdinand P. Beer (Author), Jr., E. Russell Johnston (Author), Elliot R. Eisenberg (Author), William E. Clausen (Author), George H. Staab (Author)

    Engineering Mechanics-Statics 10e
    by Russell C. Hibbeler

    Engineering Mechanics: Statics 4e
    by Anthony Bedford (Author), Wallace T. Fowler
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    Engineering Mechanics-Statics 10e
    by Russell C. Hibbeler

    we use this one in our statics class, so far I find it pretty good, nice diagrams and helpfull examples... also I think you can get a supplementary solutions manual for it
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    Hey mate....use this book, it's really great....I used it in my first year...
    Engineering Mechanics STATICS
    By: J.L.Meriam L.G. Kraige
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    I recommend Engineering Mechanics: Statics - Beer and Johnstons, but i used at college Engineering Mechanics: Statics - Jaan Kiusalaas and Andrew Pytel. Both are good, but the first one has more interesting exercices, i recommend get both.
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