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Recommend any books?

  1. Jan 19, 2012 #1
    (I hope this post is okay to have in this thread, I tried to post it at the sub-forum "Math & Science Learning Materials, but it kept say: RobinSky, you do not have permission to access this page, feel free to move this if it's placed wrong - sorry if I did cause any faults).

    I wonder if anyone could recommend any books (physics is what I'm looking for the most, math is also OK) to read that is not just pages full of facts, but more a book for self paced study. To make things a bit more clear, I can show you one example I'm thinking about to work through:

    Geometry by Harold R. Jacobs (Seeing, Doing, Understanding)


    Regarding my knowledge of physics/math, I think it will easiest if you come with your tips and I'll see if it's anything I can handle (I'm very excited to learn more due to a very high interest). However I can tell you I'm not doing quantum xxxx physics, multiple variable analysis, differential equations and such things.
    Yet, I've recently finished my first course in classical Mechanics, basic thermodynamics, derivative and such basic things at university level, and this autumn I'm starting with my bachelor's degree in engineering physics.

    Thanks for the move, I never thought of looking in "academic guidance"...
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