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Recommend electronics text?

  1. Sep 13, 2013 #1
    Currently taking an electronics course for physics students and the text we are using is electronics for scientists and engineers by Plonus. Unfortunately, the book seems to have a lot of errors and is just terrible overall. I've heard of the Art of Electronics by H&H, but it seems more of a reference to me than a textbook to actually take notes and learn from.

    Other than Art of Electronics, are there any other standard texts for electronics that are for non-electrical engineering majors? Thanks in advance.
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    Electrical Essentials of Electrical and Computer Engineering by David V. Kerns Jr. is a great book. Whether you are a EE major or not, you will enjoy it and it will cover a lot of what your electronics course covers.
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    If you just need what your prof/text is saying said in another way, the website "AllAboutCircuits" is nice for that. It probably covers everything in your current text.

    If you are just in the standard physics undergrad circuits course, and as someone who wasted their time in that course, I would suggest getting the following:
    -Electronic Sensor Circuits and Projects, Forrest M. Mims
    Build the circuits that are interesting to you and use the available equipment to explore the relations discussed in class.

    This book does not include the basics, but starts with transistors and ultimately works towards explaining ICs. I think its the best electronics book for its clarity. It also includes stuff to build.
    -A Practical Introduction to Electronic Circuits, Martin Hartley Jones
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