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Recommend me electronics testing equipment

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    What I really need is an analogue function generator of some sort. Right now im using a tektronix cfg250 which can put out up to 2mhz frequencies (square, sine, sawtooth, etc). Is there anything similiar to this? I dont want anything with a screen on it...but it looks like tektronix doesnt sell anything under $2500 anymore.

    I also need a power supply...40volts and 500mA would suffice. Any recommendations from the electronic savvy people out there?


    PSU im using now: http://www.tek.com/site/ps/0,,3M-15099-INTRO_EN,00.html
    Function generator: http://www.tek.com/site/ps/0,,3M-15102-INTRO_EN,00.html
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    The best company is hp/agilent which makes the highest quality test equipment, you can find pretty good deals on ebay.

    tek only makes good oscilloscopes, besides that other companies aren't really reliable.
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    I'm not sure HP and Agilent is within his budget. Sometimes good enough is truly good enough.
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