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Recommend some books

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    Hi all

    I am in Grd.12 in High School. For my physics class, our teacher gave us a project where you read a novel or book related to physics and you answer some questions on it. Since I am interested in astronomy (stars, galaxies, supernovas etc) i wanted to read an astronomy book. So can you guys please suggest some books that is not too hard for me :D

    btw, here is the handout the teacher gave us : http://i14.tinypic.com/5x9b32r.jpg

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    Wow, I wish I had had projects like this in high school.

    Brian Greene - Fabrics of the cosmos, or the elegant universe
    Bang! The complete history of the universe - Brian May/Patrick Moore/Chris Lintotti
    Stephen Hawking - A brief history of time (Might be too advanced)
    Origins - Neil Tyson (haven't read it, but heard it is very good)
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    A little harder but still readable "Big Bang" by Joe silk "100 billion suns" Rudolph Kippenhahn or "frozen star" George Greenstein.
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    I recommend Greg Bear, a novelist who weaves credible physics into his story lines. The ideas are not difficult to defend or critique, and he is an entertaining read. Another off the top of my head recommendation is scifi stories by Isaac Asimov - also easy to defend or critique.
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    One of my favorite books is Black Holes and Time Warps by Kip S. Thorne. It's a decently sized book (approx 600+ pages) with tons of history buildup... The book flows in a timeline manner starting out with the earliest developments in physics/astronomy although it mainly concentrates on the solar aspect ie. black hole theory.. It goes pretty indepth into the lives of say, Eddington, Hawking, Einstein, Wheeler and Bhor as a examples. It touches at least a little on all aspects relating. Also, due to the amount of technical papers, footnotes and charts, it makes for a pretty decent reference book.

    I recommend the book to anyone.
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