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Recommendation for a good desk?

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    Hi all,

    Every now and again I make my way to these forums, and I finally have a question/discussion I'd like to start. Can anyone provide some recommendations on a good, quality desk for prolonged periods of study?

    I am looking for something with lots of space, i.e. it can support:

    1. laptop
    2. small printer/scanner
    3. computer monitor (LCD)
    4. additional room on sides of monitor for placing additional textbooks
    5. keyboard/mouse (slide out is ok)
    6. 2-3 open textbooks at a time, including...
    7. open notebook for work
    8. scrap paper for calculations
    9. and of course leg room

    At school, the large rectangular tables in the library are best. I sometimes use the entire surface. So in essence, I need a large table with drawers attached, which seems like a redundant way of saying I'm looking for a desk. The problem is most "desks" I come across online or in stores are mind baffling. They have very little leg room and very little space to do work. I can't imagine someone wanting to work at one of these for more than 30 minutes.

    The only ones that seem to be useful are expensive office desks. I'd like to think there is some midway point between the two.

    Anyone else run into this predicament and find a worthwhile purchase? Anyone really like their desk and can recall where they got it from and for how much?

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    No drawers but plenty of space - IKEA. My wife's desk can serve as an emergency landing pad for helicopters.
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    jim hardy

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    Peruse thrift and used furniture stores. You can probably find a fine office desk that would be un-affordable new.
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    Also another place to look is anywhere if there is an office block being cleared out as quite often, especially government places, the stuff is just chucked. My mum got a set of desks for her office for nothing from the office that where being cleared out at the back of where her current office is.
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    My wife's employer decided to get rid of surplus equipment recently. Metal-framed desks, metal-framed padded office chairs, racks for files, Rolodexes, etc. Just take them away at no cost.
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    Consider an L shaped desk and a rolling chair maybe. I like a nice glass desk.
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    I have the same requirements and the way I am currently handling it is to have a large table but a completely separate chest of drawers that I keep off to the side. I found this chest of drawers at the swap meet, and it's non-standard. It's 25 1/2 inches high and has 5 equal sized drawers in it. It fits under the table, but I decided I wanted the leg room and so set it off to the side.
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    For a studentn IKEA is real smart. There are some real nice companies that make quality desks, but they can run into the thousands.
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    Dr Transport

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    I have one more suggestion for search fine office desk. Suggestion is online shops, Now a days internet provide lots of online furniture shopping websites. This types of websites are very profitable because online shopping sites provide discounts.
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