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Recommendation Letters and Internships

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    I am an EE undergraduate currently going into my junior year. I transferred from the Computer Science department after completing freshman and sophomore CS courses with a poor GPA. I transferred to EE because I hated CS, and was basically taking the classes because I thought it would be a road to money. I got my GPA up to a 3.38 after transferring to EE. Since I have transferred to EE, I am mostly a straight A student, (I unfortunately got a B in Chemistry). The classes I am currently taking are much harder than what I took in CS; I just have a new found passion for the work, and have now found mathematics to be exciting, so my current grades are reflecting that.

    I do have a point to all this jabber. My point is that I am on a new road, and I want to continue this road by setting goals for myself. I want to look further than the present so that I have a successful future. Part of a goal I have set for myself is to land an internship for this upcoming summer. I am assuming that in order to get this I need good grades (which I am working on, and will continue to get higher) and some letters of recommendation.

    I understand how to get good grades, but I really do not know what I should be doing to get good letters of recommendation. I’m guessing I should talk with professors, or get involved in clubs, but I would like to hear from someone. So if someone could give me advice on getting an internship, and getting good letters of recommendation I would appreciate it.

    Thanks in advance :)
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