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Recommendations for new notebooks

  1. Jul 20, 2004 #1
    I finally have the time to post on this forum. I had been very busy the past few months. So, I have decided to give my PC to my sister and buy a new notebook for myself.
    If any of you have any recommendations, it would be great. There are a few constraints for me though: I dont need to do anything heavy with this notebook, just normal web browsing, word documents, and watch some movies and stuff. Normal college student stuff. I have looked into DELL, Compaq and HP (basically the same), so if any of you own one, please tell how you like yours. Thanks for anything that you guys provide me.

    - harsh
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    The new company I work for uses HP/Compaq laptops because they are cheap.

    DO NOT BUY ONE!!!! What a nightmare! I am using a compaq nc6000 and it sux! It has a stupid mouse pad in it that goes berzerk and is constantly causing things to delete, to resize, to close, to quit, you name it. I hate this thing.

    I spoke to our admin and he says everyone has the same problems with the laptops, they are awful.

    I had always previously used Toshiba Portege's, they are wonderful, but too pricey for what you plan to do.
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    DELL is the way to go

    I think DELL is the way to go but make sure you get an extended warranty (in the lines of 3 years). I've used a DELL laptop before and had no serious problems. And when my CD ROM drive did start playing up, DELL got it replaced with a brand new CD WRITER when all I had was a CD Reader drive. And they also noticed there was a crack in my casing and offered to change the casing, all under warranty!
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