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B Recommendations to study Special Relativity

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    Hello, I have often heard special relativity was not too difficult to study. I was wondering as a 6th former what knowledge is needed to do so and if it was even possible at my level. If yes does anyone suggest any good books or websites? I am searching for a more in depth mathematical explanation as i have already read many books that explained the theory without tackling the mathematical side of things.

    Many Thanks.
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    Taylor & Wheeler's Spacetime Physics is a good textbook giving an introduction to SR. See here:


    Note that the free download here is the first chapter of the first edition (which is the one I learned SR from); but the most current edition (which you will have to buy, the Amazon link is on the page given above) is the second, published in 1992.
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    Thank you Ill check it out
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    I really like A traveler's guide.
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    Do you mean 'A traveler's guide to spacetime'?
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    George Jones

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    By Thomas Moore.

    I recommend this book for you.
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    Yes. For me it's still the perfect introduction. And I've seen a lot :P
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