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Recommended Free Mathematics Software

  1. Apr 9, 2005 #1
    What free mathematics software do you use regularly or recommend for uniqueness ?
    I use http://www.cs.ubc.ca/nest/imager/contributions/scharein/KnotPlot.html for quick graph checks or trivial numeric evaluation/integration. That it allows easy mouse-controlled rotation of 3-d surfaces is a welcome bonus.
    What do you recommend ?

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    GraphCalc is good, but what if I want a conditional interval for my 3D graph?
    For example, for [tex] y\left( {x,z} \right) = z\cos \left( {zx} \right) [/tex] , suppose I want to restrict the 3D image for values of x and z that will satisfy [tex] \left| {zx} \right| \leqslant \frac{\pi }{2} [/tex]

    I can modify a window, but what if I want to set up this conditional interval ? (see Only the x and z values satisfying the condition, not the rest of the graph)
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    Check out this page, and note that your equation under your condition can be translated to z(x,y) = y*cos(y*x)*(abs(x*y) <= (Math|pi)/2) . :smile:
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