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Recommended Graduate Schools

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    [SOLVED] Recommended Graduate Schools

    I know you can purchase the list from USAToday ranking the top graduate schools in various subjects, but that costs money. Could anybody please post the maybe top 5 or 10 graduate programs my subject area, or recommend some good places to go for the various categories?
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    what is your subject area?
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    My subject area is condensed matter theory. However, I sorta posted this thread for general use as well. I've got my top five choices pretty much picked out, but I would like some outside input.
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    The top ranked schools in CM Theory are the "usual suspects":

    UIUC, Stanford, MIT, Princeton, UC-Santa Barbra...

    However, there are plenty of schools that excel in a particular area of CM theory that rival these big boys, such as SUNY-Stony Brook, Rutgers, Johns Hopkins, ... You should not confine your choices only to these limited group.

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    How about math? I am unable to obtain a USN&WR where I am right now, and would like to know the top 20. Thanks!

    EDIT: For grad schools, please :)
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    id take a guess that Harvard, MIT, Caltech, Princeton, Stanford maybe even Berkeley.

    hope this helps
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    Well it helps, but ... I'd like an official ranking, since I'm sure someone has a copy of USN&WR around :)
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    On what ground can people say a school is good, may i ask ? Thanks
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    Quality of their research, quality of the education, the number of "big names" on the faculty, campus location (I'm sure there's a really high quality Physics program in Oklahoma, but I'm certainly not interested in going there), the success of its graduates.
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