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Recommended statistics textbook for independent study

  1. Oct 8, 2011 #1
    so it turns out i only need 2 classes next semester before i wrap up my undergrad degree in statistics, but i have a scholarship that requires me to take 4 classes. i was thinking about doing an independent study through the college to help make up one of the ones i'm missing.

    2 things i'd be interested in learning: bayesian statistics, and linear algebra specifically for statistics.

    i don't really know anything about bayesian stuff, other than the very basic problems we did in intro stats, and i already have a bit of experience with linear, although not from a stats perspective (i.e. stat applications). i just really like linear, and i'd like to develop it more. i have taken both an intro and proof based linear, but i'd like more application.

    does anyone have any suggestions? they'll have to be books that my teachers can approve so i can get credit for them. thanks
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