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Engineering Recommended textbooks based on provided topics (supplementary undergrad texts)

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    well hello everyone! I have just started my college and i have in mind to find books that are beneficial to certain subject im studying and i asking for your help. I'm not an English native so im gonna help you help me by providing a subject description so you can tell me your recommendations. Thanks in advance and btw this is the best forum in like ever i mean history of the universe. The list of subject books i would need is below

    PS : It can be more advanced even more it should be but to stay on topic as well.

    Subject 1 - Pico and Pascal programming languages ( No description basically books that deal with this)
    Subject 2 - Math ( sets, algebra, polynomials, calculus ) ( you add two separate books cause i know algebra and calculus are like really big to be in 1 book but be free and open about what you suggest and why)
    Subject 3 - Physics (basically classical mechanics)
    Subject 4 - Electrical engineering (Electrostatics,electrical generators, contour currents, electrical nets with capacitors)

    (some topics from subject were left out but they are in the between like between electrostatics and electrical generators is a lot of topics but i guess you'd figure)

    This is asking a lot but i really need it and appreciate your help. Thanks!
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