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Reconciling APOD BH Videos With Physics Forums

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    Recently, APOD (Astronomy Picture Of the Day) posted two computer generated videos. They are Orbiting a Black Hole and Circling a Black Hole at its Photon Sphere. APOD says that the videos are scientifically accurate.

    But here on PF (Physics Forums) many attempts by myself and other amateurs to protest the assertion that Bob (or Alice) perceive nothing as they free fall past the EH into the interior of a sufficiently large black hole. These amateur protests have been repeatedly rebuffed by the pros. The pros say, it is true that Bob would perceive nothing special.

    How do I reconcile the APOD videos with those explanations of Bob's perception?

    Is it the fact that Bob is free-falling whereas the videos are from the point of view of an observer in orbit?
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    Those images deal with light from very far away, not purely local effects. Also, they don't deal with crossing the EH.
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