Recording video through USB

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    hey guys,

    Is it possible to record video from a video camera through USB getting in the sound as well...And if yes where can i get some free software from??

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    Is your "video camera throught USB" a webcam? If so, then the company software should have something.

    If your "video camera" is uses RCA or S-video connectors, you'll need a USB capture device.... e.g.

    Depending on the specifics of your hardware (e.g. if your webcam does not have its own built-in microphone), you may have to connect a microphone to your sound card... and then have it selected during a video capture.

    VirtualDub should be able to capture video and audio...then process it.
    AMCap is a simpler video capture application.

    Google them... and google the make and model number of your specific hardware.
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    Hey Robphy,
    Thanks for replying.....My camera is a sony DCR-HC30E PAL....its basically a camcorder that can be used like a webcam as well.......My camera has a built in microphone which can record 16 bit audio which i think is good enough for me right now...The problem is i have downloaded and tried the usb stream with one of the programs i discovered the other day and when i do this all i can see on the preview screen is a blue background and nothing else....This is when i have connected it through USB and set the camcorder to USB stream..Shoudn't i be able to record through USB stream directly to my hard-disk?? And why does the blue screen come without anything else??

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    Thanks for your help mate i got it working yesterday after some experimenting....

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