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Recording your own audiobook!

  1. Mar 19, 2006 #1
    I discovered this amazing resource a couple of days ago

    there are a lot of free audiobooks, and the list will increase. Great help for all of us that still keep struggling with the english language

    I'm actually listening to the "Treasure Island", R. L. Stevenson, though I had read it in spanish a years ago. The quality of the recording is very good

    There are also a good deal in other idioms such german, finnish, japanese or latin. And it's possible to collaborate by recording your own audiobook!
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    Nice!! Public domain books so it is legal, I'm downloading Alice in Wonderland right now :biggrin:
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    i noticed that there're a lot more here

    Alice in Wonderland, never got around to read it, maybe I'll hear a part of it later. It always intrigued me the Cheshire cat, the one that disappears leaving only its grin
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