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Recovering File

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    I got a voicemail on my phone this morning from a girl who was working on a video for a friend, and she accidently saved over her file with basically an empty version. She was wondering if there was anyway to get back the file she was working on. I was looking into programs like "Recover my Files" http://www.recovermyfiles.com/ or similar products. If anyone knows of anything I am sure she would appreciate it.

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    Hmm, I think it wouldnt be easy to do, because you have written over the file. Deleting the file is different, because the data is kept untill it is physically writen over, only the pointers are removed from the file table so the OS knows it can write to that part of disk.

    AFAIK I am sure there is away, but cheap or easy I dont think so.
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    With varying success have tried software like pci - filerecovery, handyrecovery, etc. Free stuff listed for example here :


    sometimes works great, sometimes zilch. Think the last time had most luck with file scavenger but that I think costs something.
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