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Recovering partition table

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    I just made some changes to my partition table in linux using fdisk that are very bad. For the moment everything is fine but when I reboot those changes will take effect. Is there any way to restore my partition table from the good version that the kernel is still using?

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    Well I was able to restore the partition table using the information in /proc/partitions but unfortunitely the script that screwed things up also formatted the first 2 partitions. Thankfully those were only the windows partitions and I have backups for the important stuff that was on them.
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    It is possible to make a backup of the partition table before you make changes?

    (sorry, I meant 'is it', this wasn't meant to be a slur)
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    It's better to have a Live-CD/Live-USB of partition manager, such as Gparted, at hand in case you face the same situation in future.
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