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Recreating Double-Slit Experiment (Help needed)

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    I am planning to recreate the Double-Slit experiment for my senior project (in HS) and I've tried searching many sites on how to go about doing this but I couldn't find anything relevant.

    Does anyone know a site (or book) that would tell me the materials I need to make the experiment and how to go about putting it together?

    Thanks in advance.
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    Er... what do you mean by "recreating the double-slit experiment"?

    This experiment is done rather often, especially as a class demonstration. All you need is a monochromatic light source (usually a low-powered laser), and 2 slits that are close to each other. You can make one easily by using a glass slide and darkening it with black paint. Then very carefully use a sharp tip or knife and a rule and make two score marks close to each other to make the slits. Voila! 2-slit experiment!

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    Well, I want to make the experiment so that I can carry it around and have it work anywhere basically. The whole experiment would move as a whole and all I would have to do is turn on the light. (i.e. put the whole experiment on a long wooden board that can be transported)
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    For the light source you could use a laser pointer. The slits are sometimes constructed by cutting into the black material (black soot on a microscope glass?) with two shaving blades held together. Personally I have created them photographically by filming two thin black strips of paper stuck on a projection screen and using high contrast, fine grain film in a camera. The negatives are then inserted in 35 mm slide holders after developing.
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    Where can I buy a laser pointer?
  7. Feb 14, 2007 #6
    Bump. I need to get a laser pointer soon >.>

    Would it work if I had a setup somewhat like the following?

    Note: Pretend --- = light, and | = hair to split light. and ||| = wall

    Laser ------------- | ------------ |||

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    Try an office-supply store like Office Depot (in the USA).
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    Will that laser pointer be good enough for the experiment?
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    Yes, that will work. The two beams on either side of the hair will interfere and produce a double slit interference pattern. Try several different hairs and experiment with the distance between the hair and the wall. The central bands will be lost in the beam of the laser, but one should see bands to the side of the spot formed by the laser pointer.
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    A few people have said that the slit might be hard to make. Can someone offer me and easy/good way to make the slits?
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    I am also interested in doing this experiment. A question, though: does the distance between each part affect the outcome enough for it to not work?
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