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Rectangular Loop and Torque

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    A rectanglular loop consists of 5 turns of wire carrying a current of 2.8 A. The loop is in the x-y plane, and the direction of flow of the current is shown in the figure. The loop has dimensions a = 4 cm and b = 5 cm. Consider a uniform magnetic field of strength 3.8 × 10-4 T in x, y, or z directions.

    I need to find the:
    -Fa on x-axis
    -Fb on y-axis
    -Fa on z-axis
    -Fb on z-axis

    For the X-axis, I found that torque is 1.064e-5 and Fb=0
    For the y-axis, I found the torque is 1.064e-5 and Fa=0
    I also found that the torque for z-axis is 0.

    But, how do I find the other Fa and Fb?
    I am given: F=I*L*B sin(theta)

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    Hi ahazen,

    By Fa, I assume you mean the magnitude of the magnetic force on side a due to the magnetic field, right? If so, then you have the formula; if you plug in your values (all you have to determine here is what theta is) what do you get?
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    yes, thats correct:) I'm still trying to work on the problem. Something is not working right when I plug the values in.
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    You seem to have the right formula; if you post the values you are plugging in and the result you get, I or someone else can try to verify it.
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