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Rectifier Designing Queries

  1. Mar 14, 2012 #1

    I have started with cross-coupled gate structure of MOSFETs. This structure is for rectification of very low ac input voltages. I have found few problems like reverse leakage current and MOS not switching completely ON and OFF.

    So, I modified the design by using driver circuits for both NMOS and PMOSes used in my circuit.

    But I find the Hi pin as zero always.
    Can you please let me know why it is happening so?
    IS there any problem in selection of voltages for VBN and VBP?

    Please clarify.

    PS: This is not a HOMEWORK problem.

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    I think there is some problem in VBN VBP MOS ladders. where GN/GP/+/- signals are generated. I think you MOS are not biased properly.

    However, I may be wrong as I dont recognize your circuit clearly. Can you reference me the book or resource where you have found the circuit? Is this sub-threshold logic?

    BTW, what process are you using?
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