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Recyclication of Energy- a view of reincarnation, cannabalism, and geonocide

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    I do not believe under any circumstance that when we die we become a random animal or vegetation.
    I do not know if anyone has noticed this trend but it is fairly obvious. Human population is at an all time high and is increasing exponentially. With this growth there are less forests and animals. Is this a coincidence? No.

    Now what if we were to reduce the human population by a substantial amount say billions through a geonocidal act? My theory is that vegetation and animals would go back on the rise and propel back to a near 16th century format in which everything was in abundance.
    Whether we would still have the same technology in that scenario is yet something ive pondered until this moment. But i believe if we chose to draft certain minds it would be possible, and im starting to get off subject.
    When we die we decompose and insects feed off us, other animals eat the insects, other animals eat those animals, ect. then we finnaly eat the animal. At which point the energy from the original decomposition enters a new host. So technically one could argue that all humans are cannabals and even vegetarians cannot escape this inevitable outcome. Plants feed off nutrients from the ground by decomposed animals and humans and those vegetations end up on our plates. A sickening thought but ignorance is bliss.

    Any thoughts?
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    Wheear 'ast ta bin sin' ah saw thee, ah saw thee?
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    Haha yorkshire folksong ending up in a philosophy forum... I love it.
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