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Recycling a Laptop LCD

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    So I have an LCD from a laptop, I had another thread going where I was trying to fix this laptop. I learned a but from the experience but no luck, motherboard is toast.

    I was doing some reading and there has been some succesful attempts to recycle the LCD and have it run from another computer. Now before anyone clever is quick to shoot my down, I know about how difficult and costy it could possibly be, but still id like to try. Ive done some googling and havent found anything quite useful.

    My original thought when I had this LCD isolated from the laptop is that it would took really cool on some sort of stand by its self or just mounted on a wall.

    As far as I know i would need to create a power supply for it and way to transfer the video single. So sometype of VGA to the input in the LCD onverter or connect it somehow to a desktop graphics card. Since desktop monitors usually get there power externally creating a power supply might be a problem unless i could figure out the specific voltage and amperage of the LCD then go about ordering one or making one I have alot of old parts.

    Does anyone know a useful place to start reading about this or a place hwere i could maybe even find parts. What I belive to be the most complicated part will be determining which type of signal each very small wire off of the LCD carries. Ie some must be power some must be video signal etc.


    PS has anyone else tryed this and can talk about there experience success or failures.
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    I Googled Laptop LCD Pinout (the usual starting point when you're trying to reverse-engineer something: see if someone's already done it!) and from the second result:

    The first result links to a (more recent) board where people have managed to actually do this (but no, it's neither trivial nor cheap):
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