Recycling electricity

  1. If I can recycle electricity with a device made of pieces of equipment that ware out very slowly (Years or longer) would it be a good idea to build such a device?
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    that depends on the devices in question, the state of the devices, and how you are using them.
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    In general as long as the parts are not defective and operating correctly it should be fine
  5. russ_watters

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    What does the phrase "recycle electricity" mean?
  6. "recycle electricity": After the electricity has been used for the primary purpose, say a light bulb, then using the light from the light bulb to create electricity for another purpose.
  7. that would be pointless. you are collecting so little energy, its not at all worth it.
  8. russ_watters

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    Well actually this is done for several things I can think of, so if the power need is small and wiring impractical/undesirable it could be useful. Examples:

    Data loggers
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    I just realized I misunderstood your original post. I thought you wanted to recycle old electronics for a new purpose
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    Better than trying to re-use energy or materials is to use less of them in the first place. The savings are tax free, too. For all those little devices that run for years on a primary battery - keep using the batteries; they cost so little to run per day and you have true portability.

    The philosopher's stone would be a non-contacting way of recharging mobile phones etc that costs little enough that you can have one in every room (every surface). Also, you need a way of reminding you to pick up the phone as you leave the room.
    I really don't think that the 'charge anywhere in the room' system will ever be obtainable. Just wait until e-ink is good enough for fast, colourful displays and battery life will be a problem of the past.
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