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Red Dwarf

  1. Mar 25, 2017 #1
    Does anyone else remember that?
    Humor really, and a sort of a piss take on Star trek.
    But fun fun fun, lots of explosions and stuff.
    People talking to their possible alternative selves and so on.
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    Does anyone??
    To this day all smegheads smoke an extra kipper every breakfast hoping for Ace Rimmer to return. (what a guy!)
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    I've got series I-XIII on DVD, "Back to Earth" and series X-XI on blue-ray. Series XII is due to come out in the fall.
  5. Mar 27, 2017 #4
    Yeah just watched SE4S05 for the first time . missed some of it the first time round.
    'That's what happend if ...'
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    was good for a giggle :)
  7. Apr 10, 2017 #6
    Yeah, I missed some of the original ones, but now have the full set.
    Not so sure about the idea of a video game version now available, but well maybe I'll think about that.
    Really it's just a fantastic sitcom series heavily laced with nerd jokes.
    I did feel sorry for dispensing machine *23 though on discovering that Dave was lying about the coffee being so great.
  8. Apr 11, 2017 #7
    I watched most of the series, and have the books as well. It was a good read and a good watch.
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