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Redesign of Pipeline Support

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    I am attempting to redesign a truss structure for a pipeline support. I would like to find out how best to go about the initial analysis. I have attached a drawing of the pipeline in question and labelled the axial force I am working with. The pipeline is at 60° and the shaded area shows the kind of reaction the pipe will have under this kind of force. I have initially performed force equilibrium to try and find the force perpendicular to the pipe that the pipe support will need to manage. However, its given me a suspicious answer of around 93isH kN - more than the axial load and I am not convinced.

    Could anyone give some advice. Whether equilibrium of forces is the wrong or right way to go for this type of problem.

    Thanks in advance

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    How do u get 93?? How is ur FBD?
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    I have attached my FBD. Fc was presumed to be 81kN which worked out and Fb came out to be -93.533kN. So the force arrow according to the FBD would flip back on its self. To me this does not look correct.

    Maybe this is the wrong method to use for this problem. Or maybe I missing something. Any thoughts?

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    Im not sure if i understand the Fc. Anyway the simplets way i think i would look at is this way(se attachement).
    Else i would think you would need to know the moment at the fixed point of the pipe and lenght and own weight and so on the more stuff could be calculated.

    Hope it helped you :)

    Might be errors kinda late :)

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    I was using Fc as the pipe from the initial point Fa. I guess it wasn't really necessary to do it that way.

    Thanks for your input it has helped.
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    Glad it helped you. :)
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