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If you could redesign the current desktop interface, how would you change it?

These are my suggestions:

1) All programs must be designed for the console. The GUI is simply a frontend to the console program.

2) Consistent programming toolkit.

3) Object oriented scripting language

4) Replace directory structure with relational database.

5) Web, Email, Messaging, File, Collaboration Servers. Make is easy for people to share information.

6) Search Search Search!!! No more are the days of keeping your files organized. Let the computer handle that.

7) Easy to modify programs or add features to existing programs.

8) Scalable vector graphics for everything.

9) Right Click Program Menu

10) Extensive Keyboard Shortcuts

11) No start menu

12) Expose type task switching

13) Automatic window uncluttering. Software automatically optimizes program real estate to screen resolution

14) Vertical hidden taskbar centered on right and left. No window bar buttons (minimize, expand, close). Drag window to taskbar to minimize. Double left click for rollup. Righ click to close.

15) No desktop icons
1) I disagree. We live in a day and age where GUI's are available and should be used when most effecient. Sometimes it is easier to type a few lines and be done with a task; however, I would never go so far as to say all programs must be designed for the console.

2) Yes---but getting this would be like herding cats. Some people like Aqua, some like QT some like GTK some like MFC.... How do we go about saying "use this tool kit" when so many exist with different means of accessing the API's. Me, I dislike OOP, so I tend to program in Carbon, and GTK. Others like OOP so they probably lean toward QT, Cocoa, MFC, etc.

3) Meh, take it or leave it. What we need is a natural programming language:

computer open iCal at midnight every night, except Saturday, and e-mail me all important events
That is where scripting needs to go IMO. Maybe not that loose but in that direction.

4) Agreed

5) Agreed

6) I use this already to an extent. OS X 10.4 is pretty good in this regard.

7) Open source...

8) I'd like to see PDF's as native formats on all systems also.

9) Enlightenment

10) Enlightenment/OS X---I think Windows users would have a fit if they had to resort to keyboard shortcuts. ;)

11) Enlightenment. As an aside, I wish Apple would loose the bar across the top of the screen also.

12) OS X

13) This would be nice, but you run the risk of outsmarting your users and hiding windows the user wanted... This would be tough to do in a manner acceptible to a lot of people.

14) No opinion.

15) Why have a desktop?

This looks promising

And for those who don't know why I kept responding with Enlightenment:


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657 has interersting idea for the managing windows.... zooming.
(Some implementations:
Look at the Fisheye Calendar on ...
The presentation tool is also neat... hover near the bottom of the slide.
In addition, look at the bottom of

There are other interesting ideas on

I think the GUI should be fully customizable.
In addition to keyboard and mouse interfaces, it should also support a stylus and/or touch-screen, gestures, and voice.

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