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Rediarion shielding

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    Why x-ray shieldings are important part of medical technology?
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    Radiation shielding is the use of material or device which can protect against ionizing radiation. Lead is a primary metal for Radiation Shielding.
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    Radiation can do a lot of harm. You need to protect all human tissue that is not actually receiving the treatment. The operators of the equipment are particularly at risk because they are there all the time, whilst patients come and go.
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    Focused radiation can be used to deliberately kill cancer cells. Clearly you only want it to kill the cancer cells in the affected part of the patient and not everything else in the room at the same time.
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    X Rays are also used for imaging. The levels are a lot lower than what's needed to fry malignant cells but they still can effect the staff and they are protected during the exposure behind a wall or lead sheet. Patients are often given a lead apron to protect their important little places from unwanted radiation.
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