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Homework Help: Redox Equation Help

  1. Mar 6, 2005 #1
    This is the 2nd problem on a HW sheet I have. I don't have any particular problems with it but I'm just making sure I'm doing these right:

    Complete (add H20, H+ or OH- as appropriate) and balance the following equations. Show all half reactions.

    a. [tex]NO_3^- + Ag \rightarrow Ag^+ + NO_2[/tex] (acidic)
    Half reactions I found to be:
    -[tex]Ag\rightarrow Ag^+ + e^-[/tex]
    -[tex]e^- + NO_3^- + 2H^+ \rightarrow NO_2 + H_2O[/tex]

    making the balanced reaction

    [tex] 2H^+ + NO_3^- + Ag \rightarrow Ag^+ + NO_2 + H_2O[/tex]

    Any thoughts? I'm pretty iffy on redox equations. Thanks
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  3. Mar 6, 2005 #2
    that looks correct. I did these last term and if my memory serves me well, that is the correct answer.


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