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Redox equations balancing

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    hi all, my chemistry assignment had a bunch of questions on redox equations balancing. i got stuck on this one:

    [tex] \CrI_{3} + KOH + \Cl_{2} \rightarrow \K_{2}CrO_{4} + \KIO_{4} + KCl + \H_{2}O [\tex]

    so far, i tried to find ON numbers of the various elements.
    Cr changes from +3 to +6
    I changes from -1 to +7
    Cl changes from 0 to +1

    this means that Cr and I undergo a loss of electrons, while Cl undergoes a gain. i dont know how to solve this question when there are multiple LEO.

    can you help? =)

    [ EDIT : my attempt at LATEX has proved to be yet another disaster ]
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    For your latex in the final tex it should be a FORWARD SLASH, not a backslash... thus the mess. Also you don't need a backslash to start off a new word. ANyway it look like this:

    [tex] CrI_{3} + KOH + Cl_{2} \rightarrow K_{2}CrO_{4} + KIO_{4} + KCl + H_{2}O [/tex]

    i suggest you break into half cells as follows
    [tex] CrI_{3} \rightarrow K_{2}CrO_{4} + KIO_{4}[/tex]
    [tex] KOH \rightarrow H_{2}O [/tex]
    [tex] Cl_{2} \rightarrow KCL [/tex]

    Balance everything exotic (like K, Cr, I, Cl) first. Then follow the usual steps for half cells. I know it doesn't look like it will work.. but if you balance each half cell properly in temrs of charge and atoms yu should be fine
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