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Redox Reaction

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    I want to ask what is the full equation of acidified potassium permanganate and potassium iodide?

    I have worked out the ionic equation....

    2 MnO4- + 16 H+ + 10I- --> 2Mn2+ + 8H2O + 5I2-

    How to write the full equation??

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    There is a typo - "-" at teh end of teh reaction equation (but otherwise it is OK).

    I don't think it is always possible (and actually rarely matters). In general - add counterions on the left side to make the solution electrically neutral (so start with KMnO4, HCl and KI), copy counterions on the right, try to pair them with anions on the right.
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    Your equation isn't balanced.
    Can you work out its half-reactions?
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    It is balanced, it just contains a typo.

    If it is not balanced - please tell us what is wrong.
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    ah yes sorry, it is balanced when the - on I2 is removed. I have nothing more to add.
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