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Redox titration

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    Cl2(g) + 2I–(aq) -->I2(aq) + 2Cl–(aq) (reaction 1)
    [2S2O3^(2-)(aq) + I2(aq) --> S4O6(2-)(aq) + 2I–(aq) (reaction 2)

    Why isn't n(I2)(reaction 2)=2n(S2O3^(2-))(reaction 2). I don't see why this is wrong.

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    Your second equation as you showed is correct. Not sure what confuses you. Did you check the electrons count? I did not check carefully myself, but your "reaction 2" is the same (except for typesetting) as shown in the wikipedia article for "thiosulfate". Atoms there seem to balance and half-reaction electrons seem to be right.
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    Ohh, I found it out now.Thank you so much for your help:)
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