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Redox Titrations

  1. Oct 22, 2006 #1
    I have many problesm with this question. Can somone help me please?

    In a titration of patasium permanganate soloution with acidified sodium nitrate solution

    MnO4- + BO2- H+ -----> Mn+2 + NO3- +H2O

    45 ml of 0.05M of KMnO4 reacts complitely with 20.0 mL of NaNO2 solution.

    Calculate the molat concentration of sodium nitrate.

    Please give me a hand with this. I relly need help to pass my chimetry curse.
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    You must start with balanced equation. Once it is balanced calculate number of moles permanganate used and stoichiometric amount of sodium nitrate. Latter divided by 0.02L will give you concentration.
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    Sorry but I kinda dontt understand how to get the stoichiometric amount of sodium nitrate. And what do I have to divide by 0.02L. Sorry it's just I kinda not that good at chemestry.
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