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Homework Help: Redrawing resistor circuit

  1. Feb 25, 2013 #1
    Hello, I am a new member, just signed up, I have browsed the forums for a bit and have always found some great info here...Today I have a question that I worked through, but really wanted a confirmation that I am on the correct path.
    I attached a redrawing of a resistor circuit, if it is not correct any direction would be appreciated.

    I am specifically looking at the area (ABC) in the drawing and wondering if I have consolidated the resistors correctly at that point.

    Thank you

    I hope the scan is legible enough.

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    Hello moto30. Welcome to PF !

    The second and third circuits are equivalent to the first.

    After that there are errors.

    The 4 Ω resistor is not in series with the 6 Ω resistor. You can't combine them like that.

    In you first circuit, you have two points labeled c . You can split the left-hand one in two so that in the second and third circuits, the wires from the 10 Ω & 6 Ω resistors extend all the way down to the lower horizontal wire.
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    Thank You for the reply.

    So once I extend the 10Ω and the 6Ω resistor to the horizontal line. would I just combine the 6Ω,5Ω, and 19Ω in parallel (which would be 2.38Ω); then add the 2.38Ω in series with the 4Ω and finally the last two in parallel?
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    Yes. That's right.
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    Great! Thank you again..
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