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Redshift, Blueshift

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    :surprised Since we have been taken readings of redshift, blueshift for sometime now, is there a concensus on a percentage of each?
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    You need to be a LOT more specific. If you mean measurements of cosmological expansion, all measurements are redshifted. If you mean the local volume, then they are dependent on local motions and I don't know the mix.

    What are you asking?
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    novice at astronomy

    In short I guess what I'm trying to ask is , besides the Andromeda galaxy, are there any other large bodies coming our way, or are they all expanding outward from us?
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    I believe there are at least another two galaxies approahing us.
    They are fairly local.
    You could try nasa site or NED, to ask your question.
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    NED lists 2189 blue-shifted objects.
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    Seems that the Milky Way is already colliding with another galaxy and there are a few more on the way.

    The Andromeda galaxy collision will just be much more significant.

    The Milky Way is part of a "Local Group" of galaxies which are not expanding away from each other (galaxies tend to be found in clusters).
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