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Reduced zone scheme

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    I was just wondering if there is any reason why the reduced zone scheme of the
    free electron gas is looking like here (and in all other textbooks):

    http://www.pha.jhu.edu/~jeffwass/2ndYrSem/slide19.html [Broken]

    I mean I could add any reciprocal lattice vector which moves
    the particular energy branch in the 1. brillouin-zone.

    thanks in advance
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    The reduced zone scheme is where all the bands have been translated into the first Brillouin zone. I don't really understand the question you are asking? You can't add a reciprocal lattice vector to a band to move it around in the zone, because the zone is the size of the reciprocal lattice vectors. Have a look at the extended zone scheme; the branches are periodic. if you add a reciprocal lattice vector to one of the bands, you translate it by exactly its period.
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    Edit: Yeah, you're right. There is only one possibility to move a branch in the 1. brillouin-zone.
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