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Reducing high voltage

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    Is there any circuit which can reduce voltage hundred times (100x), i got 5kV DC and my plan is to low that 100x and measure with multimeter. Is that possible?
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    Yes, there is. It is called a voltage divider and uses resistors in series to reduce the voltage.
    Used like this, it is sometimes called an EHT probe.

    You can probably buy them commercially and this may be worth checking.

    Constructing one that could be used safely may be difficult.

    However, there are articles on Google that suggest you could make your own.
    http://images.google.com/images?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=&=&q=eht probe&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wi

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    I will look for this on web
    thx 4 clue
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    Don't try to make your own. Merely choosing the right nominal ratio of resistors is not good enough.
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    I agree with sophie -- it's much safer to just get a high voltage probe for your DVM. This one is from Fluke, but you can also find others:

    http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Cat=2294779&k=PR 28A-ND

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