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Reductionism vs holism in earth science

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    reductionism vs holism

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to find some examples of reductionism vs holistic examples within earth sciences. Can someone give me a few hints? I already checked georef and similar, but the few hits I found only let to articles which required much more reading to fully understand the whole thing. It's also not in-depth information I'm currently looking for, that will follow later after having made a choice for a topic.

    thanks a lot,
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    Firstly, could you tell us what kind of reductionism is being claimed in earth science. Second, let me confirm that the question about reductionism is now a very serious issue......and a multi-disciplinary diseases. An increasing number of disciplines are now making all sorts of claims about reductionism. And now, the most paradigmatic, monumental and startling claim is the one made by physics. This is what has prompted me to ask this question:

    Can Everything be Reduced to Pure physics?

    Welcome to the debate.....or should I say to the nightmare!
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    Tom Mattson

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    See the identical thread here.

    FYI Martinme, instead of making duplicates of threads, you can ask a staff member to move your thread for you.
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