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Reemerging Interest in Physics

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    I've always had a burgeoning interest in physics but never gave it the attention it deserves personally. I just want to understand and learn more... I attended and graduated from a university in Atlanta, GA, USA... There I majored in biology. I took General Modern Physics. I did poorly (grade of C average in both sections) because I truthfully never put forth an effort. I never studied and I just coasted by. Later concepts and lessons began to make sense after I took that course. I started to pay more attention to Physics and other physical sciences more and more. In my free time I practice fundamental physics concepts (khanacademy etc) as well as computer programming (teaching myself python) and math (got up to Calc 2 in college but treated it the same way as physics... that too is becoming more interesting as I give it more time and thought)... and also try to stay up to date on the latest news... If there are any good tips and/or resources for learning point me in the right direction. I hope to learn and contribute....
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    Hi doomdrmr. :welcome:

    and welcome back to physics. :smile:
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    Thank you!
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