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Reference Book Griffiths-Introduction to Electrodynamics

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    I am looking for a reference book to use besides Griffiths. I find the explanations in Griffiths to be disconnected, and I have to work very very hard to make out what he is trying to explain. And then when I try the problems in the book I am handicapped (completely stuck). Most of the books I found were either at a higher or a lower level then Griffiths.

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    Dr Transport

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    Wangsness.....It is in my opinion the best undergrad book in E&M, puts Griffiths to shame for clarity and uniformness of presentation.
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    Grifiths is my favorite E and M text at that level. That said, if you don't like Grifiths, you might prefer "Fundamentals of E and M" by Lorain and Corson. It is slightly easier than Grifiths, and they go in to more detail.
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    Thank you very much guys. You just saved me from failing my course.
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